Canada's Antigen Shift already released a full cd and collaborations with Iszoloscope and Detritus, and now it brings you a package in an unusual format, an mCD with a 7-inch.

This Moment Of Cold Remembering is a phased though continuous travel through dreamscapes of nightmares you thought you had long forgotten about.  Snatches of voices, fragments of sounds in a shuddering sad soundscape.  A rhythm rises, only for a short while, not taking the time to engage in a dance-oriented flow, but withdrawing to let the sadness gain in force again.  A man proclaims that he lives in the weak and the wounded.  A man ?  Or a dream ?  The characteristic Antigen Shift pads give back support to the rhythm that kicked in now, and tie the pieces together, embedded in strings and bleeps.  The tension is kept all the way, making you hungry for more.  Making to want you stay a little longer in this coal-black dream... it gets quiter... "and where do you live, son ?"  from left and right - those ghostly noises, voices scattering through the background.  The dream is at its darkest and gets disrupted by sudden short breakcore blasts that slowly take the shape of a vague promise of rhythm.  Too vague to stand up to the abrasive feedbacking sounds that appear now, but soon strong enough to return in an intricate but steady form.  We then sink back into the shivering modulated and airy dreamscape.

These dreamsounds open the first 7" track too.  But the hatred struggles in the soul, and comes disguised in a tardy shimmering grinding machine rhythm.  Sometimes it can be defeated, then everything seems calm, now and then it gets to the surface, a little restrained but obviously present.  The hate resurfaces in the growling, introducing the other side, before stammering beats jerk in.  The hate becomes more obvious, and after 4 songs, the rhythm breaks open completely.  The end however, reverts to the beginning.  In all its coherence, continuity and unity, this release is varied enought to keep you at the edge of your seat.  The theme and the sad, sometimes malignant soundscapes keep it together, the variation in rhythm and the constant tension make it even more worthwile and transform it to an oppressive dream, a moment of cold remembering.