These mp3 audio files give you a good impression of the music - they have a pretty good audio quality and are rather small in size. It goes without saying that the actual quality on CD and vinyl has much more dynamic !

IHysteresis - will + representation

This morn' omina - inferno
Kraken - nachtschade Vromb - le pëcheur de noyés
Iszoloscope - something wickde this way cames Stupor - homo exterrior
The [law-rah] collective - track 01 Origamimetic - en
Olhon - track 01 Kraken - kamer
Project arctic - solar reflections Loss - the turning
DEF - Si 1 over Hypnoskull - enter the battleground
The [law-rah] collective - de zee Hysteresis - deepthroataches
Iszoloscope - coagulating wreckage Kraken - vechten met potvissen
Antigen shift - phase I Skincage - spur
Ah cama-sotz - ankh This morn' omina - stitchface
Tunnel - i know your attitude Tortura - mental agony
Loss - the wait Hybryds - on the end of the 7th day
Pal - audiowall Empusae - geesten
Hypnoskull - faster as dope This morn' omina - seeker
Kraken - profound aquatic stasis Salt - phylum
OKK-ULTh - final verdict: solitairy confinement This morn' omina - the headless one
Kraken - la cabine noire Kraken - drijvende honden
Hybryds - love Frames a second - metrical beats
Mimetic fake - you failed me Ah cama-sotz - opfer: til death us do part
Ah cama-sotz - theme from dztotz Aube - nerf vague minimalistic
Stone glass steel - redemption Asche - cenobytes in the ballroom
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