Echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth.

A necronomicon by Iszoloscope and Ah Cama-Sotz, what would that sound like?  It might sound to you like the echoes of the dead, which are rumbled away by shuddering basses to give place to etherial chants and choirs.  To invocations.  To a web of vocal experiments that entangle you in the darkness this release breathes.

Voices speak - they speak in tongues.  They chant in tongues.  But the underworld rings through, it wails and moans, deep and slowly.  Looming darkness conceived of skilful sound research and sound manipulation : captivating details and cinematic atmospheres build a coherent and convincing conceptual whole presented with a superbly elaborated artwork.  Don't search for beat driven sequences here, and don't search for superficiality, this reaches deep below the surface !  This touches the strings you never heard and passes by like a dream about ancient entities you never knew of, in an otherworldly scenery.  The seal is cast aside, pass through the gate and enter the world because this is a spectre !