EMPUSAE - GEESTEN 7" VINYL - limited 399 -NOC08

You might know Empusae, one of the live members of Ah Cama-Sotz and This Morn' Omina, from his previous cd, cd-ep or mcd.  This time, Nicolas' music is brought to you on another format, and on another label : "geesten" (ghosts) is a 7-inch spectre vinyl.  It comes adorned with a cover drawn by Hulet, another belgian artist, at his turn renowned for his graphic qualities in his comic series (Pharaon, Les Chemins de la Gloire and L'état Morbide, amongst others.  Or Extra-Muros, for which Empusae wrote a soundtrack).

On the first track, Ankou, the celtic king of the dead, presents himself.  Howling, he dismounts his horse to become an industrial drummer and counter a backgound of electronic sequences appearing at the horizon.  First clean sounding, but he gets angry, and starts beating harder until distortion kicks in.  Angrier still.  Then : the backup of his two shrieking ghosts.  Their duty : produce maddening arpeggios to haunt the living.  A very dynamic and energetic track garnished with voice samples about Ankou and a lot of constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing.

To exorcise the Lemures, which in roman religion were the evil spectres of the dead, you could sound the drums.  Empusae's lemuria begin with a dull throbbing drum, soon prancing to a kicking rhythm after a beeping sequence startled it.  The hypnotic entity gets stronger, entrancing, more repetitive patterns join in.  And every now and then the Lemures moan with midnight plaint.  In an oasis of darkwave strings, a female voice explains us who the lemures are.  And then the exorcism goes on.  Empusae releases his ghosts by banging the electronic drums.  Release yours : dance.