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Exactly one year after his last strike titled ‘Dark skies over planet e.’, hypnoskull is back with a special concept album titled ‘(G.O.D.)-once again’, this time for Belgian Antwerp-based independent label Spectre records. After 2 vinyl-releases for this label, an album had to follow. ‘(G.O.D.)-once again’ is a compact yet strong album that offers a good view on the last decade of hypnoskull’s musical adventures, bearing 10 tracks chaptered ‘the past’, including a more technoïd industrial side of the project and a smashing 2 tracks chapter called ‘the future’, including a controled breakcore track and an adventurous drum’n bass track. Enter the battleground and sneak into the skin of a lost futuristic ‘einzelgänger’ who lives in this strange world full of hardcore scientific labs and warehouses, and experience the non-stop sonic attack he has to deal with. This is the hypnoskull some fans of the electro/industrial side were crying for the last few years, effective, monotone, hard rhythms with a filmic approach. This is the hypnoskull that operates inbetween some well defined lines, and who still tries to incorporate a lightness and a sort of anarchic ‘comicbook’-like humour, full of sonic and nasty anarchy. This is an album for all those who don’t care about the pose most contemporary industrial electronic acts tend to give themselves, this is the real shit, a sonic movie without compromises and made for the underground dancefloors all around. If at least one thing can be proven with this album, it’s the simple fact that hypnoskull is one of the few acts in the scene who don’t seem to keep themselves busy with ‘the demands’ of their audience, or with drawing out lines for a great underground carreer, switching from all extreme electronic urban styles, making it one of the most unpredictable acts around. So, surprise yourself and prepare to enter this battleground full of beats, samples, loops and angry futuristic stabs for real hardcore underground scum ! Needless to say that the ideal way to listen to this piece is only by playing it extremely loud and without any pause. Be the victim, if you think you are scum enough.