Spectre S31 - CD

It has been two years since Hysteresis surprised friend and foe with their debut release 'Measures Chaos', which was also presented by Spectre Records. And the dynamic duo hasn't been doing nothing between then and now ...

'Will + Representation' is even more eclectic and chaotic as the first album, resulting in a mixture ranging from breakbeats and ragga to metal and industrial. Tracks where neither The Prodigy, nor - at moments - Fear Factory would feel any shame for having written it. And all that on one album, without ever loosing that specific touch of Hysteresis.

So what is that specific "touch of Hysteresis"? Well, even though there are kazillion books written on the scientific meaning, it suffices to summorize them as "a system that may be in any number of states, independent of the inputs to the system". And yes, that is exactly what Hysteresis is all about. You can expect anything musically possible, but the guys behind it don't give a f*ck because they are who they are and they do what they do best.

It must be said that Hysteresis is one of the best hidden secrets in Belgium, but 'Will + Representation' might very well change that.

tracklist :
1. atomic tendencies 05:09
2. broken 04:04
3. benzorphine 05:29
4. touattack 06:06
5. breaking point 06:11
6. hersenreiniging 04:42
7. calvaire 04:14
8. cenofuct 05:53
9. alqemi 05:31
10. siseretsyh 16:29

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