Gloomy and depressed, but often percussive and intense, this is an album that has its roots in death industrial, in rhythmic noise, and even in some power electronics.  About half the CD is made of arhythmic, ambient passages in which religious atmospheres and an ever present suffocating layer of noise are put together,  producing something that might remind of some of the calmest Ah Cama-Sotz works.  The mood is sacred, but all the tracks have an industrial, "technological" feeling, expressed by small beats and rumbling distortion.

Eastern Canada's Iszoloscope make their debut with the first CD-release ever on Spectre : Coagulating Wreckage. The tracks were written between 1999 and 2001, when Iszoloscope were still a duo consisting of François Bénard and Yann Faussurier, two DJ’s at a local radio station, who decided to join forces in order to create a typical and recognisable sound. In 2001 François called it quits and Yann remained as the one and only member of this exceptional project, proving he's got everything firmly in grip with impressing performances in Canada, the US, France and Germany (Maschinenfest).
During the 11 tracks of Coagulating Wreckage, Iszoloscope show you how consistent but diverse the different faces of darkness can be. They grab the listener and take him for a tour through the vast realm where dark ambient, crunchy droning soundscapes and relentless rhythms are kings.
Variation is the keyword here; consistent variation, illustrating the various consequences and effects of isolation on the human mind. On this release a somehow sacred atmosphere is combined with the occasional reinforcement of intelligent heavy beats, noises and glitches in a unique and invocatory way. Yes, the strenght of this recording lies exactly in this coagulation of diverse ingredients, of paradoxes, of the solemn and the relentless, the irrational and the rational - working together one moment and then again clashing to result in the sound of brooding discomfort. This is what you hear when isolation wrecks the mind. Grinding anger, penetrating fear, suffocating desolation, all this is reflected appropriately in the intense coverart, which again is built on various elements: three different pictures, one of which was taken by Yann himself, are skillfully combined by ReCyDeSign for maximum impact.
For the vinyl fetishists amongst you we offer a limited edition of 302 copies which adds two impressing bonus tracks on a heavy seven inch to accompany the CD. Both come inside a very heavy carton box with embossed printing. Watch back. Paranoia sets in. Meet Iszoloscope. Meet the intensity of paradox.