There is a lovely silence - the swansong - the rustling of the poplars' leaves.

Nobody would suspect the treachery of love to be slumbering in the middle of the flemish polders.

Kraken are hunting the invisible enemy for 20 years now and for the last time they take the heavy task upon them - to take us on the ultimate mission over the borders of the musically unexplored.

Amore, the third Kraken release on Spectre, is recorded on a paradise island - in the middle of a complete mess.

A cunning terrorist - a quiet intruder.

That's what you could say the final result is.

Nesting in your blood - staying there forever.

Until you get sick, until you catch the disease.

Some are so desperate they choose this way.

Kraken is Kraken.

A belgian ensemble - perhaps.

Never ever out of fashion.

Always itself.

Bring a towel.