Just like on ‘Amore’ all titles on their fourth CD ‘Chagrin’ are in Dutch.  Strange titles which present an insight in the (obviously) very sick mind of the Kraken. ‘Floating dogs’, ‘Fear of meat’ and ‘Your sister and the wrong leg’ are just a few examples of the mindsetting of this album.

Soundwise ‘Chagrin’ can best be described as isolasionist music, but with the remark that Kraken is a duo.  You would expect true isolationism to be written by a single performer and because of this, the CD has so much more to offer.  Deep droning sound layers, inaudible – or at best incomprehensible – lyrics, noisey ambience, field- recordings of an unknown origin and even a few rhythms.

The Kraken might well be the Belgian Cthulu in disguise. Who knows ? After all, there are tentacles involved ...

Double paper sleeve with random set of 4 cards – collect ‘em all 13 !