Kraken is groping around from the discomforting depths of nautilus again with another voyage through the haunted abyss.  The belgian masters of nautical ambient, the duo Ricardo Gomez and Joris Vermost, present their new piece.  Not on heavy blue vinyl this time, the journey takes longer now, it comes on an eight track cd in an A5 cardboard folder.

On a shipwrecked ship, haunted by the ghosts of the drowned, calls from the isolation of the neptunal underworld.  A little girl among the lost... a tragedy has taken place and this reminds us.  Then, a voice mail message from one of the victims of the massacre in Blankenberge interacts with the signals on your radio and the receiver becomes a medium.  Do you hear the deceased reaching out to you, asking for your attention ?  Disconcerting in their dismay they are backed by seductive, subtle solemn ringings and sweeps.  And far from everyday reality, in the black cabin, the sound of gulls clatters buried in an ominous drone as we get carried away on a dreamscape.  The bell tolls.  The cabin as a coffin.

The sound swirls through the windings of a whelk.  It whisles and shivers, yet the sea nymph can't find the shell she lost.  It's swept away by the waves that introduce us to the next story.  A girl wants to tell us something, yet her voice is so muffled underneath the other sonorities, we cannot understand her.  So we join the seamen's club for another sinister tale, this time told by the rumbling sea.  It sounds harsh now, in this club of ghosts, ruled by secrets.  Cries, a talking voice in the distance, the secrets are kept on dense and intense ride through dismal spheres.  The truth is hidden, but we are certain now : it is disconcerting.  So sing to chase the demons.  An exotic, strange chant, and we're swept away by the waves, eventually to wake up one thousand miles under the sea, where all is quiet.  This work is a cinematic travel through unworldly, enchanting atmospheres, grabs you tighter in its tentacles with every listen.  The chant of the Kraken - hypnotizing you.