VROMB - Le Pêcheur de Noyés

Spectre/nautilus NA10 - CD box with postcards, stickers, newspaper and metal pin - limited edition 369 copies

Translation of 'Le pêcheur de noyés' is almost impossible, but 'The fisher of drowned ones' covers it quite good. Nautilus, the water based sub-division of Spectre Records, presents its tenth release and all honours go to Vromb. The Canadian sculptor of electronic sounds pictures life below water-level and sadly for us humans, the oxygen-level isn't high enough to survive ...

'Le pêcheur de noyés' is the story about Roger Girard who - as a scubadiver - searched for and found several corpses of drowned people. Not the most cheerful of stories to tell, but a fact of life. His stories have been well documented over the years and this CD add a new dimension to the archives.

The atmosphere and underwater sounds are amazingly well caught by Roger Girard's son Hugo, who happens to be Vromb. Deep rumbling sounds, oxygen masks producing waterbubbles and a cry for help which wasn't heard in time.

The characteristic rhythm based soundsculptures of Vromb are on this album accompanied by more ambient works; A bit compareable with the ones we have gotten to know on 'Jeux de Terre'. The result is an honest, sincere and very personal release which only one man could write.

This release comes in a deluxe-box with many additional items like postcards, stickers and a pin, but also copies of the actual newspaper clippings from the recoveries by Roger Girard.

The result is most impressive in more ways then one ...

tracklist :

1. capsule musicale 00:37
2. l'homme grenouille 02:58
3. le fleuve/roger l'harmonica 07:33
4. air comprimé 01:59
5. urgence 04:34
6. fonds marins/objets trouvés 02:54
7. l'avion vole et plonge 03:32
8. les débris de l'appareil 07:43
9. deuxième avion 10:02
10. sur l'eau à toute vitesse 03:35
11. les corridors sous-marins 08:36